Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Windows 2000 Browser issue - A fun day at the office

Today was a fun day!

The issue was a Windows 2000 SP4 file server that lost the ability to browse the domain browse list. The server was assigned a new ip address and trasfered from one DR site to another.

I unjoin the server from the domain and the browse list populated. I rejoined it to the domain and it kept the browse list in tack. Another related issue was that the switch port and NIC were set to 100MB full at the previous site and the settings did not match at the new site. At the new site, the switch port was set to auto-negotiate and the server was set to 100MB full. When I changed the NIC to auto-negotioate, it negotiated at a 1GB connection speed.

The NIC card setting mis-match was probably what caused the browse list issue.

All the troubleshooting was done remotely via iLo, RDP and KVM/IP at a site 2000 miles away from the main data center.

Can't wait till I find out what's in store for me tomorrow.


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